Tips for choosing the right UV hat

Tips for choosing the right UV hat

In summer, hats are designed to be comfortable in hot outdoor conditions. The material is lighter to provide sun protection and the brim is wider to protect the face. UV hats combine technology and style, and are the perfect vacation companion.

They offer strong UVA and UVB protection, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. UV hats can also protect the most vulnerable parts of the skin (face, neck and ears from redness). However, for the best protection, it is important to know how to choose your UV hat.


Choosing a certified UV protection hat that complies with standards

UV rays are particularly dangerous for the skin of young children. Sunburn causes a very uncomfortable burning sensation and, in severe cases, can lead to sunstroke. UV rays also accelerate the aging of the skin and promote the appearance of brown spots. It is also a major cause of skin cancer. It is therefore necessary and useful to protect yourself effectively with a hat adapted to high temperatures.

UV hats are made from fabrics that have been tested and certified to meet UV blocking standards. Their effectiveness is defined by the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). For children’s sun protection, choose a hat with a UPF 50+ rating. It blocks at least 98% of UVA and UVB rays. These UV hats for kids are available in bobble hats to protect the neck and ears, and in a variety of bright colors.

Consider size when choosing your UV hat

The UV hat should cover the entire head. Avoid choosing a hat with only a peak. Look for a real hat that covers the top of your head and all your hair. The scalp is vulnerable to sun damage, even if it is covered by hair.

UV hats should have a wide brim and go all the way around your head. Unlike caps, which have only a bill in front and offer little protection. Caps do not cover the ears, which are sensitive and prone to burns. However, even if you go out with a UV hat, apply sunscreen generously on and inside the ears, as well as on the front and back of the neck. For more complete coverage, use a wide-brimmed hat with a cape that covers the back of the neck.

Don’t overlook the fabric and color of the hat

The material of the hat should be a strong weave, like canvas, for best results. In fact, some fabrics offer UV protection. The effectiveness of UV protection fabrics is defined by the UPF rating, which ranges from 15 to 50+. Fabrics with a UPF of 50 block up to 98% of UV rays.

The higher the UPF, the better the hat’s UV protection. Therefore, you should avoid straw hats. Because of their many holes, the sun’s rays are too likely to reach the skin. Denim, in particular, has a high sun protection factor. However, the looser the mesh, the less effective the protection. When it comes to colors, you should know that navy blue, black and brown offer better UV protection than lighter colors.


UV hats are a great way to protect the heads of all family members. When choosing the right hat, there are several criteria to consider, including protection rating, size and fabric. UV hats are made of specific fabrics to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. The high SPF ensures better absorption of UV rays and helps prevent heat stroke.


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