The shoes chosen to wear a long pleated skirt.

The shoes chosen to wear a long pleated skirt.

Pleated skirts have become as trendy as straight skirts and trapeze skirts. When you know how to match them with accessories, you create a glamorous look. Whether they are short or long, pleated skirts are suitable for all body types.

Don’t bother if you want to wear a pleated skirt. To be elegant in your long pleated skirt, you must have an idea of what shoes to choose. It is the purpose of giving you ideas that we put this article at your disposal. Here are the shoes you need to choose for your long pleated skirt.

Wearing a long pleated skirt with pumps

Pumps are high-heeled shoes that you can wear with your pleated maxi skirt. Women love this look when they go to their work place. You can wear your pumps with your long pleated skirt to go to a party or to go for a walk. These are shoes that make you trendy, especially if you know how to match them with your skirt. The pumps are sold in different colors and sizes.


Whatever your preference, you will find the right pumps for you. Match the color of your pumps with the color of your skirt. This does not necessarily mean that they have to be the same color. There are different colors that match perfectly. You can match your pumps and pleated maxi skirt with a nice little designer bag.

Wear a pleated maxi skirt with sneakers

Who can do without sneakers these days? Nobody can do without a nice pair of sneakers. These shoes are indispensable and always find their place in the wardrobe of each of us. You can imagine the collections of sneakers that exist on the market. New models are created every day. There is something to be amazed about.

You can wear your sneakers not only with jeans, but also with long pleated skirts. When it comes to these skirts, you need to sort out the models. Especially go for light and low top sneakers. These sneakers are very pretty and will look great on you. You should choose the color according to your preferences. This style will make you look original or not vulgar at all. This is a look that you can adopt during spring or during summer.

Wear a long pleated skirt with ankle boots

Booties are one of the shoes to wear with long pleated skirts. This style is very popular during the winter. With your ankle boots and your long pleated skirt, you will be safe from the cold. Booties are available in many styles in stores. You can find high boots and low boots. You can choose the low boots to wear with your long pleated skirt.

As for the color, you can choose the low boots in black or brown. We recommend these two colors, because they can be used to highlight the beauty of any garment. You can adopt this look in any circumstance. If you like high heels, you can also choose to wear your long pleated skirt with high boots.


To wear your pleated maxi skirt, you can choose shoes such as sneakers, ankle boots and pumps. These different shoes will help you to have the unique style that you are looking for. Everyone can buy a pair of these shoes, as they are sold at reasonable prices.


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