The piercing: what is the meaning of this trendy practice?

The piercing: what is the meaning of this trendy practice?

The fashion, we know it, comes and goes and the piercing is not of the rest. This last one conveyed numerous and different messages through the ages and the communities. If the fact of having the ears, the nose, the tongue or the navel pierced is for some a sign of belonging to a community, for others, it is only the expression of an ideal of beauty.

The little story

It is obviously in the antiquity that we find the first traces of piercing. They symbolized magical and initiatory rites and thus allowed to enter in contact with the invisible universe. For all those who tend to believe that the piercing is new age, it is time to stop being deluded!

What are the different types of piercings ?

We meet piercings as varied as surprising!

The piercing of the nose

Here again, we are used to see pretty curls embellishing the face. It is necessary all the same to count two to three months for a complete cicatrization. If you feel like putting a little shiny curl on the side of your nostrils, do not hesitate.


Ear piercings

Yes, you read that right! We are talking about ear piercings, because there are a lot of them!

  • The lobes: it is the classic piercing. The one that we find in all the women and also in a good number of men. They are besides the piercings which heal the earliest. The healing is observed after a month and a half at the most.
  • Cartilages and the perimeter of the ears: essentially sensitive parts, they take about 4 to 6 months to heal. They can be large holes into which circles or small loops are inserted. It depends on the desire of each person.

The tongue, shall we talk about it?

You will be tempted to ask yourself what can be the motivations behind a piercing on the tongue, since it is almost not visible! Well, for the pleasure perhaps! No need that it exists necessarily so that the others see it! However, note that the piercings on the tongue are delicate and must be well looked after. Only a sufficiently long tongue will allow this delicate operation. If you feel like it, you should know that this piercing is not very painful.

The lip piercing: a whole range of possibilities

There are thousands of them. You can pierce the upper lip as well as the lower lip, or even the top of the lips.

  • The Monroe: this piercing is located above the lips. It is usually a button piercing and is often decorated with shiny curls.
  • The Medusa: this is the name given to the piercing under the nose and above the upper lip.

Lip piercings take a short time to fully heal, but it is recommended to do so within the first few days after the piercing is done. A food chewed the wrong way and your piercing will swell.
The piercing has thus left its spiritual attributes to become an ornament like any other over time. If it is common to see people piercing their ears, nose or the top of their eyes, some go further and venture into intimate areas. If you are afraid of pain, do not hesitate to use natural painkillers or anti-inflammatories before and after your piercing.

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