The best petite clothing brands for small women

10 Best Petite Clothing Brands for Small Women

The fashion industry is growing more diverse than ever before and petite clothing is at the frontline of this change. Petite clothing is quickly becoming an essential part of many fashion-forward wardrobes, and small women are getting spoilt for choice with stylish options for the perfect fit.

The Best Petite Clothing Brands

Whether you’re shopping for classic pieces or trend-forward items, these are the top 10 petite clothing brands that are must-haves for small women looking for the perfect fit:

1. Ann Taylor

American brand Ann Taylor is the go-to destination for classic petite looks that are timeless and figure-flattering. Their petite clothing line strikes the perfect balance between trend-savvy and sophisticated.

2. Topshop Petite

Topshop Petite is trend-driven, stylish and of great quality. Here, you’ll find some of the hottest trends with more petite-friendly cuts to wear right now.

3. Gap Petite

Gap Petite is the ideal place to shop for affordable and fashionable basics. Their clothing is perfect for the classic style-seeker and for fuss-free fashion for work and play.

4. J.Crew

J.Crew is based in the States and has grown from strength to strength over the years. Their petite collection is responsible for beautiful quality pieces to help you create the perfect personal style.

5. Banana Republic Petite

Banana Republic Petite offers fashion-forward pieces and modern business wear that small women will love. Their flattering, high-quality pieces are designed to bring out confidence and timeless style.

6. Mango Petite

Mango Petite is always one step ahead with the hottest trends, covering all petite sizes. Their petite department is filled with beautiful pieces that are of great quality and perfect for small ladies.

7. ASOS Petite

ASOS Petite is home to stylish items that allow small women to express their personal style. They have been at the forefront of making petite clothing accessible with their expansive range and statement pieces.

8. Loft Petite

Loft Petite is great for petites who want trendy looks tailored to fit them without sacrificing style. Their collection includes perfect petite fit dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, and more.

9. Bloomingdales Petite

Bloomingdales Petite has something for every petite woman. From fashionable basics to standout show-stoppers, their petite department adopts trends for small ladies- making it the perfect go-to for stylish looks for small women.

10. Cropped Jeans

Cropped Jeans is a classic petite womens clothing brand that knows how to accentuate your figure while flaunting your style. They make petite jeans with shorter inseams and ankles to make you look fashionable as well as feeling comfortable.

How to Style Petite Clothing

Petite clothing should always enhance your look and make you feel comfortable. There are a few tips to make this easier. Here are some styling tricks:

  • Wear vertical stripes: Opt for pieces that feature lines that run vertically as this adds height to your outfit.
  • High waist pants: Going for a high-waisted pants can give the illusion of long legs.
  • Wear heels with long trousers: When wearing trousers, heels will give the impression of longer legs.
  • Avoid pleats: Pleats add bulk to your look and can overwhelm your figure.
  • Crop tops: Crop tops can be flattering on small figures as they give the appearance of a longer torso.

Final Thoughts

Petite clothing is becoming more popular with the rise of diverse and inclusive fashion. Small women are now spoilt for choice, with the great availability of stylish items specially tailored to fit their body-type. Whether your style is classic, modern, or trend-forward, there’s something for everyone in these top 10 petite clothing stores.

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