Tall Women’s Workwear: How to Look Professional and Stylish

Tall Women’s Workwear – Finding the Perfect Fit for Professional and Stylish Looks

As a tall woman, it’s hard to find clothes that fit properly and give you a professional and stylish look. It’s all too common to feel frustrated at the lack of options in traditional clothing stores, so where do you turn when you need workwear that accommodates your tall frame? The good news is that, with a few simple tips, you can find tall women’s workwear that complements your shape and looks polished and stylish.

Choose Maneuverable Fabrics

For tall women, fabrics that tend to be lighter and more maneuverable are the best choices. Fabrics like silk, linen, and lightweight cotton are perfect because they move with your body and don’t add additional bulk. Keep an eye out for lighter versions of wool, too – from wool crepe to wool gabardine to flannel – because these will provide the structure you need for formal looks.

Look for Slight Tailoring

Finding garments that have a slightly tailored look is key for tall women. Look for things like darts that are added for contour or nipped-in waists. These slight details will give your pieces structure and still be comfortable to wear. Also, try structured trousers or blazers with a structured shoulder – they provide a clean, tailored look without feeling too tight on your body.

Opt for Quality Over Quantity

Tall women often buy clothes a size bigger to accommodate their height. However, this can make your clothes look baggy and unkempt. To avoid this, invest in quality pieces in the correct size. Quality items can last a long time, no matter how often they’re worn, while poor quality pieces usually show wear and tear quickly.

Focus on the Basics

When it comes to tall women’s workwear, focus on the basics. Versatile, classic pieces can be styled in multiple different ways and won’t go out of style quickly. Essential pieces you should have in your work wardrobe include:

  • A blazer – a well-cut blazer will give any work outfit an instant professional look.
  • A dress pants – Invest in a pair of dress pants with subtle detailing for a timeless look.
  • A skirt – choose a skirt with a longer hemline that won’t ride up a lot.
  • A shirt – opt for a tailored shirt that is not too baggy.
  • A dress – no work wardrobe is complete without a classic shift dress in a neutral color.

Consider Short-Cut Patterns

When it comes to patterns, small scaled prints are the safest bet. Traditional prints like gingham or herringbone will give you a polished look. You should also look for patterns that use shorter-cut versions like polka dots or tartan checks – these help create a flattering silhouette.

Do Vertical Styling

Vertical styling is key for tall women. It draws the eye down your body, which helps elongate your silhouette. Try vertical striping or a slim print for trousers, for example. You can also choose clothes with long vertical slits that provide the illusion of length. And if you have to wear something bulky, try layering a long, slim trench coat over the top.

Accessorize Strategically

The right accessories can make a huge difference to your outfit. Invest in a stylish bag (like a work tote) and a pair of comfortable heels that look professional. When it comes to jewelry, opt for longer pieces like necklaces and beaded tassels that elongate your body.

Finding tall women’s workwear can be challenging – but with the right knowledge and some strategic styling, you can look professional and stylish with ease. Focus on the basics, choose maneuverable fabrics, and accessorize strategically to make the most of your tall frame.

Once you have the building blocks in place, the rest becomes much easier. And you will be ready to look sharp and put your best foot forward in the workplace.

In the end, tall women don’t need to compromise on style to look professional in the workplace. With the right clothing pieces and styling tricks up your sleeve, you can look just as chic and sophisticated as anyone else in the office.

Now you know the tips and tricks to finding the perfect tall women’s workwear and you are ready to create stylish looks each and every day.

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