Tall Women’s Shoes: Where to Find Them and How to Style Them

Styling Tall Women’s Shoes Like a Pro

No look is complete without an impeccably stylish pair of shoes. But, when it comes to tall women, finding fashionable footwear that fits can be a challenge. This article offers helpful advice on where to buy tall women’s shoes, as well as some styling tips to take the difficulty out of building a look that is both comfortable and flattering.

Where to Find Tall Women’s Shoes

Shopping for shoes can be a tiresome task, but it can be even harder for taller women. Many stores only carry a limited selection of sizes, making it difficult for tall customers to find the perfect pair.

Fortunately, there are some excellent online retailers dedicated to offering a wide range of footwear in tall sizes. Here are just a few that are worth noting:

  • The Tall Collective: The Tall Collective is an Australian-based shoe company specializing in footwear for tall women. They offer a wide range of sizes, from UK 6 to UK 14, and carry a variety of styles, including sneakers, sandals, and boots.
  • Long Tall Sally: Long Tall Sally stocks apparel for tall women, including shoes and boots. They offer a range of sizes from UK 5 to UK 12, as well as a variety of styles from classic to contemporary.
  • Amazon: Amazon offers an impressive range of tall women’s shoes in a vast selection of sizes. Many styles are affordably priced, making it easy to stay within budget.

Styling Tall Women’s Shoes

Choosing the right style of shoe is the key to creating an outfit that looks both chic and comfortable. However, this can be a tricky task when you are a tall woman. Here are a few fashion tips to consider when selecting shoes:

  • Look for a Slim Silhouette: Choose shoes with a slim silhouette, such as pointed toes, to elongate the leg and create a more flattering shape.
  • Opt for Heels: A pair of heels is a great way to add height and femininity to an outfit. Go for a pair of kitten heels or block heels for maximum comfort.
  • Choose the Right Color: When it comes to color, solid neutrals, such as black and nude, are the most flattering choice. Avoid bold colors and patterns, as these can make the feet look larger and out of proportion.
  • Stay away from Busy Patterns: Whether it’s animal prints or floral patterns, busy designs are best avoided. A minimalist style is the key to creating a sleek, sophisticated look.

No look is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. And when it comes to tall women, finding the right fit and style can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some excellent online stores devoted to tall women’s shoes, offering a wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from. Plus, with the helpful advice provided above, anyone can master the art of styling tall women’s shoes like a pro.

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