Tall Women’s Denim: How to Find Jeans that Fit Like a Glove

Get the Best Jeans for Your Height: A Guide for Tall Women’s Denim

Jeans are a popular fashion staple for many, but finding jeans for taller women can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the right strategies, tall women can find jeans that fit like a glove. Here’s a guide to help you do just that.

Understanding Your Measurements

The first step to finding the best jeans for tall women is understanding your measurements. Know the inseam and rise of your desired jeans, as they are two of the most important measurements that vary depending on your height. The inseam will let you know how long your pants will be, while the rise will determine where the waist of your jeans sits in relation to your body.

Taller women often measure in at 36″-38″ inseam, while the rise should be higher, typically falling between 10″-12″. Doing a quick google search of ‘tall women’s sizes’ can also help you in your search as you compare different brands.

Knowing What Works for Your Body Type

Once you understand your measurements and size, it’s important to assess the jeans that will look the best on your body type and proporations. Skinny, curvy, or straight-legged jeans are the most popular styles, with each having its own strengths.

  • Skinny Jeans – If you have an athletic frame with wider hips, skinny jeans typically look best as they help balance out proportions. Additionally, if you’re looking for a modern, fitted look, skinny jeans can be great.
  • Curvy Jeans – If you have a pear body type, curvy jeans can help contour and accentuate your shape, creating a flattering fit. Additionally, they are usually fitted through the hips and thigh and flared out from the knee down.
  • Straight-Legged Jeans – If you have a straight or rectangular build, straight-legged jeans can look great. They hit just below the waist, creating a slimming effect.

Finding the Perfect Length

Aside from considering the body type, you’ll also want to think about the length you need. If you’re looking for jeans that hit slightly above the ankle, you can opt for different lengths, such as cropped and ankle jeans. Cropped jeans usually hit right at the ankle, while ankle jeans hit slightly lower. Mid-length jeans are also great if you are looking for a more versatile option.

When shopping around, you may need to try different sizes and lengths. All brands are fabric manufacturers, which means the sizing and cuts vary. Therefore, it’s best to try on different pairs, regardless of the size, before making a purchase.

Construction Matters

The construction of the jeans is also something to consider when shopping for jeans for tall women. Look for jeans that have reinforcements at the seams, as well as pockets on the side or back. Additionally, the material should be sturdy and well made, with secure belt loops that won’t rip easily. It’s also important to make sure the jeans are comfortable and have stretch.

Where to Shop

Once you know your measurements, body type, and style preferences, it’s time to start shopping around. For tall women, there are several options available, such as higher-end department stores, boutiques, and even some online sites. For example, Longlegs Mall is an e-commerce platform specifically dedicated to tall women’s clothing. Plus, several other major retailers offer dedicated sections for tall women.


Finding the right jeans for tall women doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Armed with your measurements, body type, and style preferences, you can easily find something that fits like a glove. Use this guide as a starting point to get you on the path to finding the best jeans for your height.

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