Petite fashion inspiration: How to dress like a street style star

Ultimate Guide to Petite Street Style – How to Look Like a Celebrity Example of Petite Fashion

Petite style can be challenging to figure out – it can often mean the difference between looking voluminous and managing a delicate aesthetic. Rejoice if you’re a petite gal; it’s time to hit the shops for a petite fashion adventure. Plus size women know all too well, the fashion industry is catering to petite figures more and more these days.

It’s true, you can feel fashionable and beautiful even if you’re petite. The key is knowing what to look for and how to make the most of your body type with petite fashion! But don’t worry – you don’t need to conquer the fashion runway quite yet – this guide will help you dress like a petite street style star. We’ve got plenty of ideas and petite fashion tips to try and help you embrace the lovely petite figure you have.

Designs That Work for Petite Women

With petite fashion, it’s all about making the most of your body type and making every inch count. Instead of avoiding figure-hugging silhouettes, don’t be afraid to show off your curves, as it will help create an illusion of more height.

Choosing pieces that look good on you is all about going for designs that make you appear taller. Go for petite pieces with slight A-line shapes. A tailored fit is flattering and straight jeans are a must-have. Aim for cropped styles in a lighter hue and choose thinner material that is robust enough to keep its shape.

Tips for Accessorizing Petite Figures

Accessories play a huge role when it comes to petite fashion. The right accessories can easily bring an outfit to another level. Here are some petite fashion tips to help you take your petite style to the next level:

  • Choose delicate jewellery – statement pieces often overpower a petite frame. Opt for thin, delicate pieces or necklaces to show them off.
  • Layer up! – wearing multiple layers can create visual height and create more volume without it looking bulky.
  • Heels, but not too high – look for lower, more grounded styles that won’t have you towering over your friends.
  • Scarfs work wonders – knot a lightweight scarf around your neck to add texture and a little height.

Styling Tips for Petite Denims

Nothing is worse than jeans that are too long. Make sure your petite jeans cover just the top of your shoes. A bootcut or a full-length style can be great, just make sure they don’t touch the floor when worn, or you’ll look like an inchworm.

Raw-hem or cuffed jeans tend to look better on shorter legs and you can always cut them off and turn them up to work the petite look. Cuffed jeans are an excellent petite fashion choice as they can help create the impression of longer legs and will take you from day to night in style.

Petite Dresses That Flatter

Shoulder-baring dresses and strapless styles are of course lovely, but if you’re petite, you might want to go for knee-length or above-the-knee pieces. This petite fashion tip will keep your legs looking long and avoid the impression of being overwhelmed by lengths.

Bushy prints can easily overpower any petite frame, so opt for more intricate pieces that are smaller in scale. Get creative by combining pattern and texture to create the desired effects and draw away from any areas you’d rather hide. Even accessories like hats or bags can contribute to a dynamic look.


At the end of the day, your fashion should express what makes you unique. Being petite is nothing to be ashamed of, and there are plenty of petite fashion styles and tips to help you create just what you’re looking for. Follow our tips and create stunning outfits that flatter your body type.

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