Petite fashion for winter: Layering and warmth solutions

Stand Out in Petite Fashion with Winter Layering Basics

In winter, petite women have to look for fashion solutions that make them look stylish while staying warm. Depending on climate, layering can make any petite person look chic while keeping in the warmth. Here are our useful winter layering basics for petite fashion.

Start with Essential Inner Layers

It all starts with the basics. Consider starting with a light thermal, sleeveless top or a fine cashmere turtleneck. Choose a length that is appropriate for your petite stature so that it fits snugly between a coat and pants – too much fabric can overwhelm a petite figure and make you look sloppy!

Choose Stylish Outerwear for Local Climate

The secret to staying warm in outdoor winter climates is finding the right coat. Many petite women struggle to find coats that fit and look good. When choosing a coat, the key is to stay close to the natural line of your petite body. Choose from a variety of petite wool fabrics, such as cashmere, camel, gabardine and tweeds, that are made specifically for petite women and makes them look fashionable. Make sure to choose a coat that is the right size, length, and shape for your petite figure and that it suits the current climate.

How to Layer Outerwear

Outerwear should always be added to the outfit for extra warmth and for that fashion-forward look. A great way to do this is to layer a lightweight wool scarf over the coats. This will keep the neck area and lower torso warm. Topping it off with a knit hat and knitted gloves will ensure your whole body is warm.

Don’t Forget the Legs

The cold weather doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. To keep legs warm and fashionable, opt for petite-friendly options such as mid-weight leggings, knee-length boots that are comfortable and chic, or fur-trimmed winter boots with scrunched detailing. A midi-length skirt or dress paired with tights and ankle-length boots is a great winter look that will elongate the legs, while ensuring they stay warm.

Keep Your Wardrobe Functional to Fight the Cold

In cold weather climates, be sure to choose fabrics that are warm and functional and will help you look your best all season. Thicker fabrics such as wool, tweed, quilted fabrics and fur-lined fabrics are great for staying warm.

Adding jackets and vests is a great way to add extra warmth. Choose from a variety of quilted jackets, fur-lined jackets and leather jackets to keep your look stylish and add an extra layer of warmth.

Be Bold and Stand Out

A great way to stand out in petite fashion is to incorporate bold prints and patterns. Women’s clothing manufacturers have a great selection of plaid, stripes, animal prints and other unique designs. You can choose to wear the print head to toe, or mix it with solid pieces to make a subtle statement.

Winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. With the right fashion choices, petite women can look stylish while staying warm. With these winter layering basics, you’ll look and feel great all season long!

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