Petite fashion for professional women

Petite Professional Clothing: Fashion Advice For Professional Women

Doing the nine-to-five wearing trendy, professional clothing can be a challenge for petite women. Most clothing manufacturers only make larger sizes, leaving petite women at a loss as to how to dress in a professional yet fashionable manner.

To help you with this dilemma, the following guide will provide tips on how to select the most flattering clothing that will help short, slender women look their best while still appearing professional at their workplace.

How To Choose Professional Clothes For Women Of Small Stature

  • Find Clothing That Fits: Petite professional clothes do exist and it is important to find clothing that actually fits. Clothing that is too big makes it difficult to look polished and professional, something that petite women should strive for.
  • Go for Slim-Fitting Styles: To look polished and in control, petite women should choose slim-fitting styles that fit their small frame closely, and that do not overwhelm the figure. Consider blazers, trousers and shift dresses that fit closely. Tops can be tucked in or left out depending on the garment.
  • Avoid Excesssive Detail: Professional clothes for petite women should avoid excessive detail, such as detailing on the sleeves or collar that can add unnecessary bulk. Instead, look for simple, classic pieces with clean lines for a polished, professional look.
  • Accessorize: To look taller, petite women can draw attention to their faces and d├ęcolletage with stylish accessories that add color and dimension to a look. Jewelry, belts and patterned scarves can be integrated with the outfit.
  • Go For Monochrome: To create a longer vertical line, opt for clothing and accessories in the same color family, like a midnight blue blazer, trousers and matching belt and accessories, or a monochrome outfit of black and white.

Know What To Avoid

  • Voluminous Styles: Avoid voluminous styles that can overwhelm the petite frame, like pleats and puff sleeves.
  • Large Patterns: Patterns should be kept minimal. Large prints can overwhelm the petite woman.
  • Baggy Clothing: To look professional and polished, steer clear of baggy clothing like oversized sweaters and slouchy trousers, as these garments add bulk.

Petite professional clothes certainly exist and when chosen correctly can give a petite woman the perfect polished and professional look for the office. Creating a sleek silhouette is the key to professional yet fashionable petite clothing. The best way to ensure you are wearing appropriately sized clothing with clean lines and minimal pattern is to make sure to look for petite sizes. With this easy advice, petite women can easily get the perfect look while rocking the nine-to-five.

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