Petite fashion for plus size petite kids

Fashion Tips for Choosing the Right Petite Clothing for Plus Size Petite Kids

When it comes to finding the right clothing for plus size petite kids, parents can often find themselves struggling to find items that fit properly and look good. Too often kids are stuck with ill-fitting clothing that they don’t particularly like. However, there are some great fashion tips to help parents find the perfect petite clothing for their children.

1. Choose Fit Over Size

The first fashion tip for parents of plus size petite children is to choose fit over size, meaning look at how the clothing fits the child rather than the size it says on the label. Sizing can often be inconsistent between different clothing brands and it’s important to measure the child and refer to the size guide for the clothes you’re buying, to ensure it is the correct fit.

2. Look for Stretchy or Adjustable Clothing

It’s important to look for clothing with adjustable waistbands or made from stretchy fabrics such as spandex. These types of materials and designs will help to provide a better fit and will be more comfortable for your plus size petite kids.

3. Look for Loose Fitting Tops & Bottoms

For tops and bottoms, choose styles with a loose fit to ensure your child has plenty of freedom of movement. For bottoms, look for slim fit designs or classic boot cut jeans that will look fashionable yet still provide a comfortable fit.

4. Choose Comfortable and Breathable Materials

When selecting fabrics, look for breathable materials such as cotton or linen, as these will help to keep your child cool and comfortable. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are not particularly breathable, so try to avoid these.

5. Look for Petite Clothing Lines

These days there are a range of petite clothing lines dedicated to plus size petite kids, so make sure you check these out first. These clothes are specifically designed with smaller and taller children in mind, so they provide a more snug and flattering fit compared to regular clothing lines.

6. Embrace Patterns and Colors

Finally, don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns and colors into your plus size petite kids’ wardrobe. Bold colors and fun prints such as stripes and polka dots will help to brighten up any outfit and make your child stand out from the crowd.

Finding the perfect petite clothing for plus size petite kids doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right fashion tips you can help your child look their very best, without compromising on comfort or age-appropriateness. Try the tips above and watch your child shine in style!

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