Petite fashion for athletic body types

Petite Fashion Tips For Athletic Body Types

Do you have an athletic body type and struggle to find petite fashion that fits? You’re not alone; many people experience difficulty finding petite clothes that truly fit. It doesn’t have to be a challenge, however; there are plenty of great petite fashion tips you can use to get your perfect fit.

Embrace Tailored Styles

Look for tailored clothes that highlight your curves in all the right places. Tailoring gives garments a better fit, and it looks stunning on athletic body types. Items with waist defining shapes, like a pencil skirt, can flatter your figure. Additionally, look for fitted blazers, high-rise trousers, and A-line dresses; these items will skim curves and create an overall polished look.

Choose the Right Suits

Go for suits with extra-long sleeves and jackets, and make sure the shoulders of the jacket fit perfectly across your back. Look for two-button blazers instead of single-button suits; they provide more coverage and accentuate your athletic body type. If you want to add dimension to the look, try a three-piece suit that comes with a vest.

Go for Dark Colours and Neutrals

Black and navy are both great choices for athletic body types. These darker hues look flattering on any figure and can make an outfit look sleek and tailored. You can also go for other dark shades like burgundy, charcoal grey, and brown. Furthermore, opt for neutral colors like cream and ivory to highlight your curves in all the right places.

Highlight Your Figure

To create a slimming and elongating effect, look for clothing items that highlight your waist. Choose dresses and tops with a defined waist and a belt that accentuates your figure. A pair of jeans with a high waist also creates a flattering effect, while bootcut trousers keep your proportions balanced.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to clothing items, simplicity is key. Choose a classic blouse and a pair of jeans. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. Also, avoid light colored jeans since they make your legs look wider. Darker hues such as black, navy, and dark brown will elongate your frame and make you look more elegant.

Pick Comfortable Shoes

Choose shoes with deep heels which provide good arch support and cushion your feet. Low-heeled or wedge heels also look good on athletic body types because they create a more natural silhouette. Avoid stilettos and other high heels, since they can make your feet look too long.

Invest in Quality Clothes

Look for items made from quality fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton. These materials last longer and won’t stretch out after a few uses. Additionally, invest in a few timeless pieces such as trench coats, blouses, and skinny jeans; these classic items can flatter your figure and be worn for different occasions.

Finding the perfect petite fashion for your athletic body type doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the help of these petite fashion tips, you can look and feel your best. Embrace tailored styles, pick comfortable shoes, and invest in classic pieces to create a timeless wardrobe. You can create your own signature look with these petite fashion tips.

This article was written by guest author, Vivian Hall.

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