How to recognize an original elephant hair bracelet

How to recognize an original elephant hair bracelet

Bracelets made from elephant hair are very popular, because of their special feature: they are good luck charms. However, the counterfeiting of these jewelry made of this material abounds in the market, so that it is often difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. To avoid falling into the trap, we explain in a few lines how to recognize a real elephant hair bracelet.

Recognize a real elephant hair bracelet by its texture

The elephant is an endangered species, which is why it is protected today. This makes the making of elephant hair jewelry, more precisely elephant hair bracelets, unique. It requires a discrete practice and reserved for a category of people. Because of the various constraints that manufacturers of elephant hair bracelets face, many fake models abound. To recognize a real elephant hair bracelet, you must be able to verify its silky and worked texture. The elephant hair requires a meticulous work, that’s why in the reputable stores, it is worked by hand.


A real elephant hair bracelet is expensive

Who says rare material, says high price. Yes, you will have understood it! It is not given to everyone to be able to afford a bracelet in elephant hair. To have this symbolic jewel, you will have to spend between 500 and 5 000 euros depending on the model and the materials used in addition in the making of the jewel.

An original elephant hair bracelet is not sold everywhere

You will never find it at any vendor, except a counterfeit product. A real elephant hair bracelet can be found on well-known and reputable online sites as well as in large jewelry stores. If you go to reputable stores, you can be sure that the elephant hair bracelets that are offered to you are genuine. This is because these stores have all the necessary resources at their disposal that allow them to create jewelry with this material.

Always ask for authentication of the product

When an elephant hair bracelet is real, authentic, at the time of your purchase it is delivered with a label that includes all the useful information about the product. Its guarantee, the materials used for the manufacture, etc. In order not to be fooled by impostor sellers, online jewelers allow you to follow the progress of your package through a number that is sent to you after ordering the jewel.

The transport is secured until the delivery of your package, and this, against your signature. Very few impostors think of setting up this type of security system. This means that when you place orders with them, they are never delivered or when they are, the bracelet is made of a material other than elephant hair.

Where to find a real elephant hair bracelet?

You can buy this little gem in large jewelry stores or in reputable online stores. These jewelry stores are among the most authentic and unique jewelry stores. They must be very famous for their expertise in handling and making valuable jewelry. You will find many elephant hair bracelets sold in various models. You can also go to other lesser known stores, but with positive reviews to make your choice.


Many cultures around the world consider elephant hair to be synonymous with power, wisdom, luck and patience. This is why elephant hair bracelets are considered lucky charms and are not easily accessible to everyone. It should also be noted that these jewels are considered royalty in some cultures.

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