How to give a second life to used clothes?

How to give a second life to used clothes?

Are you planning to get rid of your old clothes? Be careful, read this article first. You will finally understand what Lavoisier was talking about when he said that nothing is lost, but everything is transformed. Indeed, you can give new life to your used clothes and save money. Here is how to do it.

How do you give new life to your used clothes?

There are many ways to bring used clothing back to life. In addition to recycling them to create accessories you can use every day, you can also reinvent them to make new clothes.

With a pair of scissors and a sewing machine

You can cut up your old pants and turn them into a pair of shorts that you can wear for a long time. You can also combine two used shirts to create a completely new one. You can create new dresses, blouses, skirts and more. All you need is a little imagination and a little creativity. And if you do not find enough or are not good enough in handling scissors and fabrics, you can simply search the internet for tutorials that teach you.


Using dye and paint

The smartest and easiest way to give new life to your used clothes is to customize them by dyeing them with a textile dye or a special fabric paint. You can give clothes that have lost their shine new colors that will make you regret ever having thought of throwing them away. With paint, you can personalize your clothes with beautiful designs and patterns. So, to your closets!

Why not just throw away your old clothes?

Simply because they are gold mines that are just waiting to be recycled. If you throw away your used clothes so easily, it’s surely because you don’t know how much good you can do with them.

Make an agent

There are plenty of organizations that will be happy to take your clothes back for a nice fee that, even if it doesn’t add up to the original value of your clothes, will still do you some good. You can get closer to the thrift store near you or find on the internet sites that are interested in this type of business.

Helping the needy

You do not have to resell your used clothes. If you are an altruistic and philanthropic person, you can donate your clothes to needy people who need them, through social welfare centers.

Create useful accessories

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can use them to create beautiful things that can be very useful such as handbags, cushions, curtains, patchwork tablecloths, scarves, etc. You can find many tutorials on the internet showing very clever tricks to do this.

Get new clothes

Beyond all these reasons why you should give up throwing away your used clothes, there is still one more interesting one: you can give your used clothes a new life and make them as new as the first day.

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