How to care for luxury shoes?

How to care for luxury shoes?

Maintaining a shoe is generally not an easy task. A luxury shoe is essentially made of natural and noble materials such as leather, which evolves over the years, becomes more beautiful as it ages and requires constant maintenance to resist the effects of time, otherwise the shoe could degrade and lose its beauty.

Globally in France, passionate experts offer maintenance solutions and are willing to share with you the best tips and advice of “perfectionists” to better understand the culture of the luxury shoe.

Tips and tricks for luxury shoe care

For a successful shoe care, there are some unconditions to respect. The center of the shoe recovers ambient moisture, eliminates wrinkles and keeps the shape of the shoe. The alternation, a shoe should not be worn 2 successive days, a maximum of 2 times / week is recommended. Regular waxing: leather is alive, it must be moisturized often to maintain its flexibility, its waterproofing and its life span. Waxing every time you wear it, i.e. an average of 2 to 3 times a month. A waxing the day before for a shine before wearing. Taking care of the soles: a neglected sole can lead to a loss of waterproofing and accelerate the aging of the shoe. Grease them with mink oil for flexibility and never put a skate on a new shoe.


If you feel like entrusting the maintenance to a third party, go to traditional shoemakers or bootmakers, the operations are carried out at competitive prices.

Maintenance tools and products

It is important to cream and clean your shoes before polishing, pay attention to the products, the size or type of brush, and always trust your bootmaker or shoemaker. As for a jewel, we will trust our jeweler.

We do not take as much care of our shoes for cultural and economic reasons. Many craftsmen have closed down or diversified their activities.

To perfect the maintenance of your shoes, there is one last step in addition to the one seen above: the ideal glazing, the art of polishing to perfection mastered by the initiated (mix of 80% shoe polish, 20% water and the right gesture).

According to the insiders, the glaze on black shoes is light, the other colors can be glazed more intensely for a mirror effect.

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