Fashion Tips for Tall Women: How to Look and Feel Confident

Tips on Comfort and Style for Tall Women

Women of tall stature can have difficulty finding clothing that fits and flatters their figures. But tall women can exude sophistication, elegance and confidence in their wardrobe selections. It just takes a bit of effort and creativity.

Create Balance

In general, tall women should look for clothing that provides balance. It’s important to not be overwhelmed by the extra inches and make sure everything hangs properly to accentuate the body’s best features.

  • Create symmetry: Make sure the hemline of your pants and the length of your tops are in proportion. Create an illusion of balance to offset the extra height.
  • Look for more fitted clothing: Looser tops or billowing skirts will make you look taller and heavier. Adding layers can give the illusion of added balance. A jacket or blazer helps accentuate the figure.
  • Accentuate your legs: Most tall women have longer legs to show off. Look for higher-waisted pants, which will emphasize your legs, and knee-length skirts, designed to sit higher up.

Achieve Maximum Comfort

It’s also essential tall women look for clothing items that ensure maximum comfort. More clothing companies are providing tall sizes in specific products, making it more achievable to find items to fit.

  • Tall Jeans: If you can find them, tall jeans are great. They will fit over any pair of boots or shoes if you don’t want to be showing any skin.
  • Maxi Dresses: They are especially great for taller women as the length isn’t an issue. It will come right to their feet without too much extra fabric.
  • Leggings: These are essential for any taller woman’s wardrobe to pair with dresses or skirts. They’ll have extra coverage, ensuring maximum comfort.

Designed for You

It would be foolhardy for tall women to neglect the beauty of costume jewelry. Accessories are must-haves to pull any outfit together, and costume jewelry makes it easy with its bold yet intricate designs.

When it comes to jewelry, taller women should look for layered necklaces, which can provide an added dimension and draw attention to the neckline. Bracelets can also help add balance, while statement pieces can stand alone.

Taller women should also remember that clothing and accessories should be an extension of their personal lifestyle, not necessarily the exact fashion trends of the moment. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and try different styles.

Every woman has something to flaunt, and a tall woman has a longer canvas to work with. Following these fashion tips will give tall women all the confidence and glamour they deserve or have always wanted.

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