Dressing for Your Body Type: Tall Women

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Tips For Dressing To Flatter Your Tall Frame

Do you feel like you stand out in a crowd? If you’re on the taller side of the spectrum, it can be tough to find clothes that fit well and avoid making your height appear awkward. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking your best.

At the same time, being tall has its advantages- so make sure to use it to your advantage. Read on for our top tips on dressing for tall women.

Choose Clothing That Showcases Your Assets

If you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, make sure it’s long enough to hit the ground. The long fabric will create the illusion of a flowing silhouette that emphasizes your height. Try wearing a form-fitting dress to Downplay the length and create some curves.

Invest In Good-Quality Tailoring

Tailoring is a must for tall women. Off-the-rack clothing isn’t designed for a petite frame and can be less than flattering for taller women. Look for high-quality fabrics and get them tailored to your specifications. This will ensure that your clothes fit your body perfectly.

Avoid Wide Leg Pants and Wide Shoulderlines

Wide-leg pants, such as palazzo pants, and wide shoulderlines, like big collars, can add too much bulk to your frame and make your silhouette appear heavier. Instead, opt for straight-leg trousers, longer fitted tops and jackets with sharply cut shoulderlines.

Glam Up with Accessories

Since petite women can often get away with wearing statement jewelry, why not do the same? Invest in a few standout accessories like chunky necklaces, statement earrings and bright scarves to instantly take your outfit to the next level.

Color and Prints

Choose colors and prints that flatter your look. Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you must stick to neutral colors or a basic look. Embrace bright and bold colors and prints. But remember– the secret to a great look is to create a balance. For example, if you’re wearing bold patterned pants, then team it with a plain top.

How To Dress For Different Body Types

As a tall woman, you can draw attention to and showcase the best parts of yourself by pay attention to cuts, proportions and details. Here are a few body types and what to look out for:

  • Rectangular body shape: Look for clothes that will create curves. Try a wide V-neck top and wrap dresses with a defined waist. Experiment with lightweight fabrics that will add volume in the right places and show off what you have.
  • Hourglass body shape: The goal here is to highlight your natural curves. Fitted pencil skirts and form-fitting dresses look great on a woman with an hourglass figure. Try wearing wrap dresses to emphasize your waist.
  • Inverted triangle body shape: Draw attention away from the bust and towards the lower half of your body with skater or A-line skirts and culottes. Opt for breezy, lightweight fabrics that don’t add bulk to your shoulders.

Dressing for your body type isn’t as hard as it sounds. Dressing for tall women is all about accentuating your frame and emphasizing your height. If you’re looking for a few style tips to flatter a tall frame, try the suggestions above and you’ll be sure to look your best.

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