Curvy Women’s Workwear: How to Look Professional and Chic

Curvy Women’s Professional Style: Working in Style

In the current fashion climate, curvy women have more options than ever before when they are looking to create a professional look. While dressing for success can be an intimidating task, there are certain basics that curvy women should keep in mind to create a look that will help them to feel confident and also look their best. Whether women are attending an important meeting or an after-work drinks event, looking stylish and professional is essential.

1. Find the Right Fit

Choosing the perfect fit for workwear is the key to any successful look. For tops, look for tailored silhouettes that skim your curves, such as shirts with darts that can be tucked in and blazers that cinch at the waist. When it comes to trousers, select styles with a straight shape that are not too tight but also not too loose, such as wide leg trousers. Aim for trousers with a slightly higher waist rise in order to flatter your figure and also keep you feeling comfortable for hours at a time.

2. Show a Little Skin

Balancing out a look with a few fashion-forward details is an easy way to create a professional and chic look. Aim to show off one feature at a time in a tasteful way. For example, curvy women could try a pair of trousers with slits up the side and pair them with a modest top to highlight the shape of the trousers and to play with proportions. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses can be great options to flaunt curves as can blouses featuring ties around the waist.

3. Accessorise

Accessories can jazz up any look and also make your style easily identifiable. Avoid the temptation to over-accessorise, however, as too many accessories can be distracting. Instead, opt for a few statement pieces that will add interest to your look, such as a bold statement necklace, a vibrant scarf or a pair of patterned heels. Accessories, when chosen carefully, can help elevate a look to the next level.

4. Don’t Forget About Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of shoes to complete an outfit can be tricky but is essential for any stylish woman. Patterns and textures, when chosen correctly, can create an eye-catching look. When wearing neutral colours such as beige, tan and black, patterned shoes can be a great choice. For instance, snakeskin or leopard print shoes could give an outfit an extra oomph. Additionally, choosing a pair of shoes with a asymmetric heel can provide extra confidence and elegance.

Curvy women have a lot of options when it comes to creating an empowering and stylish workwear look. Whether you prefer a tailored shirt and trousers or an eye-catching jumpsuit, pairing pieces you feel comfortable in with carefully chosen accessories is the key to success. At the end of the day, the most important thing is feeling confident and stylish.


The way that you choose to dress says a lot about your sense of style and confidence. With careful planning, curvy women can create a look that is both professional and chic. From spreading awareness about shapes, sizes and patterns, curvy women lead the charge when it comes to empowering workwear fashion.

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