Creating a Cohesive Look: Jewelry for Photo Shoots

Making Your Jewelry Outfit Stand Out in a Photo Shoot

Getting your jewelry pieces to stand out in any photo shoot can be both exciting and challenging. While photographers know how to angle and light the shot, it’s up to the jewelry specialist to bring out the great details and sparkle in the pieces. The goal is always to create a look that stands out from the crowd and one that matches the overall style of the photo shoot.

Planning an Outfit for Your Shoot

Before you plan one single outfit you should have a clear idea of what kind of photo shoot you’re participating in and any particular requirements, such as the props or the type of jewelry and clothing that is needed. When it comes to jewelry, you’ve got to think scale and color. You also need to dress it up and make sure it matches the rest of the outfit and the style of the photographed.

Coordinating Colors and Tones

The first step to creating a cohesive look is to choose jewelry that coordinates with the clothes, props, and other accessories in the photo shoot. Looking for colors, tones, and shades that match the backdrop and objects in the photo can help give your photos a coordinated and a put-together look. Besides, you can also choose metallic jewelry and finishes that will fit in with the neutral tones of the background, or maybe even pick a gemstone that contrasts with the color scheme.

Choosing The Right Pieces

The pieces you choose also depend on the style of the shoot and the level of styling detail you need. If it’s going to be a classic look, you should stick to elegant and timeless pieces. However, if you are going for a more modern style, then think of using bolder pieces with unexpected cuts and set stones. Going with the right pieces can add charm and personality to your photo shoot.

Adding Statement Pieces

When it comes to accessories, statement pieces are a must. Adding bolder pieces, such as oversized earrings or large necklaces, can add drama and interest to your look. Other than that, fine jewelry such as teensy rings and small layering necklaces can take any outfit to the next level.

Finishing Touch

To pull everything together, you should add texture, movement and layering. Necklaces, for example, can be mixed, matched and stacked on top of each other. Different lengths and styles will keep the interest in check, while also adding a bit of texture. You can also add some sparkle with textured bangles or a sprinkle of crystal-embellished bracelets.

Making it Look Natural

When styling jewelry for a shoot, you need to make sure everything looks natural and not overly-styled. A few pieces of jewelry will often take an outfit to the next level, but you don’t want to overdo it. Even if you’re flaunting a bold piece, keep the rest of the jewelry to a minimum, so that it brings out the statement piece even further.

Creating a cohesive look with jewelry for any photo shoot can be completely achievable. With the right pieces and some careful styling and detail, you can easily create an exquisite look. But, the key is coordinating colors and matching the jewelry to the concept and atmosphere of the shoot.

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