How to give a second life to used clothes?

How to give a second life to used clothes?

Are you planning to get rid of your old clothes? Be careful, read this article first. You will finally understand what Lavoisier was talking about when he said that nothing is lost, but everything is transformed. Indeed, you can give new life to your used clothes and save money. Here is how to do it.

How do you give new life to your used clothes?

There are many ways to bring used clothing back to life. In addition to recycling them to create accessories you can use every day, you can also reinvent them to make new clothes.

With a pair of scissors and a sewing machine

You can cut up your old pants and turn them into a pair of shorts that you can wear for a long time. You can also combine two used shirts to create a completely new one. You can create new dresses, blouses, skirts and more. All you need is a little imagination and a little creativity. And if you do not find enough or are not good enough in handling scissors and fabrics, you can simply search the internet for tutorials that teach you.

Using dye and paint

The smartest and easiest way to give new life to your used clothes is to customize them by dyeing them with a textile dye or a special fabric paint. You can give clothes that have lost their shine new colors that will make you regret ever having thought of throwing them away. With paint, you can personalize your clothes with beautiful designs and patterns. So, to your closets!

Why not just throw away your old clothes?

Simply because they are gold mines that are just waiting to be recycled. If you throw away your used clothes so easily, it’s surely because you don’t know how much good you can do with them.

Make an agent

There are plenty of organizations that will be happy to take your clothes back for a nice fee that, even if it doesn’t add up to the original value of your clothes, will still do you some good. You can get closer to the thrift store near you or find on the internet sites that are interested in this type of business.

Helping the needy

You do not have to resell your used clothes. If you are an altruistic and philanthropic person, you can donate your clothes to needy people who need them, through social welfare centers.

Create useful accessories

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can use them to create beautiful things that can be very useful such as handbags, cushions, curtains, patchwork tablecloths, scarves, etc. You can find many tutorials on the internet showing very clever tricks to do this.

Get new clothes

Beyond all these reasons why you should give up throwing away your used clothes, there is still one more interesting one: you can give your used clothes a new life and make them as new as the first day.

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Tips for wearing antique jewelry.

Tips for wearing antique jewelry.

Jewelry is an essential accessory for men and women. In everyday life, we see more and more men wearing jewelry to embellish their clothing style. These men are not addicted to this jewelry like women. It is almost impossible to see a lady wearing her clothes without thinking of putting on earrings, necklaces or rings.

Antique jewelry is very popular as well as modern and fancy jewelry. This antique jewelry is always very chic and fashionable. To be elegant, you need to know how to wear your antique jewelry well. Here are some tips that can be useful for you.

Create harmony between your dress and your antique jewelry.

Antique jewelry is far from being easy to wear. To avoid not being fashionable, you need to take into account some small details. This will allow you to have a unique style while remaining trendy. Antique jewelry is not like modern jewelry that can be worn with any kind of clothing. That’s why you need to have an idea of what style to wear with this antique jewelry. We advise you to wear a chic and glamorous outfit with your antique jewelry.

Your clothing will bring value to your antique necklace. For example, you can opt for a chic little dress with your antique pearl necklace. In this case, the focus should be on the design or shape of the jewelry you want to wear. If your antique jewelry has a good design, the beauty of your outfit will be highlighted. You can also opt for a casual style to display your antique jewelry.

Create a vintage style by avoiding wearing multiple pieces of antique jewelry at once.

Avoiding wearing multiple pieces of antique jewelry in the same place is our second tip. Indeed, you should avoid wearing for example several antique rings on the same finger. This arrangement is not at all attractive and that is why you should avoid it. So it would be better for you to make a mix of antique and modern jewelry. If you do this, you will have the style you want.

To have more aesthetic, you can also focus on the size of your antique rings. In this case, we advise you to choose rings of small sizes. The same goes for antique bracelets. By wearing one bracelet, your wrist will be embellished. Always make sure that the antique jewelry you wear is made of the highest quality materials.

Wear your antique jewelry on any occasion with a unique style.

You can wear your antique jewelry on any occasion. Antique pearl jewelry is very popular with brides. For your birthday or christening party, you can wear your antique jewelry with ease. As we have said above, you need to know how to arrange your jewelry in order to have a good style appreciated by all.

In such circumstances, you should avoid emphasizing the colors of your jewelry. It is not always advisable to focus on the color of the old jewelry to match the clothing. In addition to wearing your jewelry during your ceremonies, you can also wear it to the office or for your walks.


You now know what you need to do to wear your antique jewelry well. You need to pay special attention to the clothes that you want to wear with your jewelry. When you have them, you can easily create an original style. You can wear your jewelry for any ceremony.


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The piercing: what is the meaning of this trendy practice?

The piercing: what is the meaning of this trendy practice?

The fashion, we know it, comes and goes and the piercing is not of the rest. This last one conveyed numerous and different messages through the ages and the communities. If the fact of having the ears, the nose, the tongue or the navel pierced is for some a sign of belonging to a community, for others, it is only the expression of an ideal of beauty.

The little story

It is obviously in the antiquity that we find the first traces of piercing. They symbolized magical and initiatory rites and thus allowed to enter in contact with the invisible universe. For all those who tend to believe that the piercing is new age, it is time to stop being deluded!

What are the different types of piercings ?

We meet piercings as varied as surprising!

The piercing of the nose

Here again, we are used to see pretty curls embellishing the face. It is necessary all the same to count two to three months for a complete cicatrization. If you feel like putting a little shiny curl on the side of your nostrils, do not hesitate.

Ear piercings

Yes, you read that right! We are talking about ear piercings, because there are a lot of them!

  • The lobes: it is the classic piercing. The one that we find in all the women and also in a good number of men. They are besides the piercings which heal the earliest. The healing is observed after a month and a half at the most.
  • Cartilages and the perimeter of the ears: essentially sensitive parts, they take about 4 to 6 months to heal. They can be large holes into which circles or small loops are inserted. It depends on the desire of each person.

The tongue, shall we talk about it?

You will be tempted to ask yourself what can be the motivations behind a piercing on the tongue, since it is almost not visible! Well, for the pleasure perhaps! No need that it exists necessarily so that the others see it! However, note that the piercings on the tongue are delicate and must be well looked after. Only a sufficiently long tongue will allow this delicate operation. If you feel like it, you should know that this piercing is not very painful.

The lip piercing: a whole range of possibilities

There are thousands of them. You can pierce the upper lip as well as the lower lip, or even the top of the lips.

  • The Monroe: this piercing is located above the lips. It is usually a button piercing and is often decorated with shiny curls.
  • The Medusa: this is the name given to the piercing under the nose and above the upper lip.

Lip piercings take a short time to fully heal, but it is recommended to do so within the first few days after the piercing is done. A food chewed the wrong way and your piercing will swell.
The piercing has thus left its spiritual attributes to become an ornament like any other over time. If it is common to see people piercing their ears, nose or the top of their eyes, some go further and venture into intimate areas. If you are afraid of pain, do not hesitate to use natural painkillers or anti-inflammatories before and after your piercing.

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The shoes chosen to wear a long pleated skirt.

The shoes chosen to wear a long pleated skirt.

Pleated skirts have become as trendy as straight skirts and trapeze skirts. When you know how to match them with accessories, you create a glamorous look. Whether they are short or long, pleated skirts are suitable for all body types.

Don’t bother if you want to wear a pleated skirt. To be elegant in your long pleated skirt, you must have an idea of what shoes to choose. It is the purpose of giving you ideas that we put this article at your disposal. Here are the shoes you need to choose for your long pleated skirt.

Wearing a long pleated skirt with pumps

Pumps are high-heeled shoes that you can wear with your pleated maxi skirt. Women love this look when they go to their work place. You can wear your pumps with your long pleated skirt to go to a party or to go for a walk. These are shoes that make you trendy, especially if you know how to match them with your skirt. The pumps are sold in different colors and sizes.

Whatever your preference, you will find the right pumps for you. Match the color of your pumps with the color of your skirt. This does not necessarily mean that they have to be the same color. There are different colors that match perfectly. You can match your pumps and pleated maxi skirt with a nice little designer bag.

Wear a pleated maxi skirt with sneakers

Who can do without sneakers these days? Nobody can do without a nice pair of sneakers. These shoes are indispensable and always find their place in the wardrobe of each of us. You can imagine the collections of sneakers that exist on the market. New models are created every day. There is something to be amazed about.

You can wear your sneakers not only with jeans, but also with long pleated skirts. When it comes to these skirts, you need to sort out the models. Especially go for light and low top sneakers. These sneakers are very pretty and will look great on you. You should choose the color according to your preferences. This style will make you look original or not vulgar at all. This is a look that you can adopt during spring or during summer.

Wear a long pleated skirt with ankle boots

Booties are one of the shoes to wear with long pleated skirts. This style is very popular during the winter. With your ankle boots and your long pleated skirt, you will be safe from the cold. Booties are available in many styles in stores. You can find high boots and low boots. You can choose the low boots to wear with your long pleated skirt.

As for the color, you can choose the low boots in black or brown. We recommend these two colors, because they can be used to highlight the beauty of any garment. You can adopt this look in any circumstance. If you like high heels, you can also choose to wear your long pleated skirt with high boots.


To wear your pleated maxi skirt, you can choose shoes such as sneakers, ankle boots and pumps. These different shoes will help you to have the unique style that you are looking for. Everyone can buy a pair of these shoes, as they are sold at reasonable prices.


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Which sneakers to choose to wear a black dress?

Which sneakers to choose to wear a black dress?

Long before, dresses were worn with ballerinas, ankle boots and high heels. Women who dressed like this were very charming and seductive. With the new trends, everything has changed nowadays and women love to wear dresses with sneakers more and more. It is a trendy style also very adored by teenage girls.

No matter what length or style your black dress is, you can wear your sneakers without a doubt. When you combine your style with a beautiful hairstyle and fashionable accessories, you will not go unnoticed in the streets because of your beauty. If you don’t know which sneakers to wear with your black dress, we suggest you read the rest of this article.

The retro sneakers for women

It is important to present the sneakers that can be worn with a black dress starting with the retro sneakers. These sneakers are available in several models and are made of several materials. When you go to a store, you should especially buy the model that suits you. You must combine comfort and beauty when you wear your retro sneakers for women with your black dress. The retro ones are long appreciated for their durability.

These sneakers have a very solid outsole and insole. You can move easily on any surface. When you have them in your wardrobe, you are sure that you will have a vintage and timeless style every time you wear them. For your black dress, you can for example opt for retro sneakers in white color. Follow this advice and you will be satisfied with the result.

Leather sneakers for women

Leather is undoubtedly a durable and very chic material. When you find yourself in a store to do your shopping, take the trouble to look at the bags or shoes made with leather. You will see that all these items are exceptional and very beautiful. That’s why we advise you to also choose leather sneakers to enhance the beauty of your little black dress.

To be sexy and seductive, your black dress should be tight. Tastes are divided, so if you don’t like or are not used to wearing tight dresses, you can choose the model of black dress you like the most. No matter which model of dress you choose, you should do your best to look good. Go for the color of sneakers that suits you. The main thing is to get a satisfying look.

Velcro sneakers for women

Velcro sneakers are part of the sneakers that you can wear with your little black dress. There is a very large collection of velcro sneakers. You will be really spoilt for choice once you are in a store. All these sneaker models are breathtaking. You can easily find your size and the color you prefer.

To attract the eyes to your style, you can choose velcro sneakers in black color or white color to show off your black dress. These are the two colors you should choose to match the beauty of your outfit. You can wear your black dress and velcro sneakers in any occasion.


There are several sneakers that you can wear with your black dress, but you should give priority to the ones we have presented in this article. With these women’s sneakers, you can forget about ballet flats and high heels that are very much worn with dresses. To get them, you just have to go to a store selling shoes for women.

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How to recognize an original elephant hair bracelet

How to recognize an original elephant hair bracelet

Bracelets made from elephant hair are very popular, because of their special feature: they are good luck charms. However, the counterfeiting of these jewelry made of this material abounds in the market, so that it is often difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. To avoid falling into the trap, we explain in a few lines how to recognize a real elephant hair bracelet.

Recognize a real elephant hair bracelet by its texture

The elephant is an endangered species, which is why it is protected today. This makes the making of elephant hair jewelry, more precisely elephant hair bracelets, unique. It requires a discrete practice and reserved for a category of people. Because of the various constraints that manufacturers of elephant hair bracelets face, many fake models abound. To recognize a real elephant hair bracelet, you must be able to verify its silky and worked texture. The elephant hair requires a meticulous work, that’s why in the reputable stores, it is worked by hand.

A real elephant hair bracelet is expensive

Who says rare material, says high price. Yes, you will have understood it! It is not given to everyone to be able to afford a bracelet in elephant hair. To have this symbolic jewel, you will have to spend between 500 and 5 000 euros depending on the model and the materials used in addition in the making of the jewel.

An original elephant hair bracelet is not sold everywhere

You will never find it at any vendor, except a counterfeit product. A real elephant hair bracelet can be found on well-known and reputable online sites as well as in large jewelry stores. If you go to reputable stores, you can be sure that the elephant hair bracelets that are offered to you are genuine. This is because these stores have all the necessary resources at their disposal that allow them to create jewelry with this material.

Always ask for authentication of the product

When an elephant hair bracelet is real, authentic, at the time of your purchase it is delivered with a label that includes all the useful information about the product. Its guarantee, the materials used for the manufacture, etc. In order not to be fooled by impostor sellers, online jewelers allow you to follow the progress of your package through a number that is sent to you after ordering the jewel.

The transport is secured until the delivery of your package, and this, against your signature. Very few impostors think of setting up this type of security system. This means that when you place orders with them, they are never delivered or when they are, the bracelet is made of a material other than elephant hair.

Where to find a real elephant hair bracelet?

You can buy this little gem in large jewelry stores or in reputable online stores. These jewelry stores are among the most authentic and unique jewelry stores. They must be very famous for their expertise in handling and making valuable jewelry. You will find many elephant hair bracelets sold in various models. You can also go to other lesser known stores, but with positive reviews to make your choice.


Many cultures around the world consider elephant hair to be synonymous with power, wisdom, luck and patience. This is why elephant hair bracelets are considered lucky charms and are not easily accessible to everyone. It should also be noted that these jewels are considered royalty in some cultures.

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Spiritual rings: why adopt them?

Spiritual rings: why adopt them?

The expansion of spiritual jewelry is becoming more and more important in society. From a few years ago to the present day, they are gaining in popularity for their aesthetic aspect, and their different meanings.

Many are those who are now interested in spirituality, medicine and personal development. So, why not opt for a simple, discreet, light and stylish jewel like a spiritual ring. Instead of cluttering up with several different pieces of jewelry. We are going to give you the reasons to opt for these spiritual jewels, because there are several of them, of different materials.

Spirit Rings for Protection

To buy your spiritual ring, go to a specialized store. It has a wide range of articles on spirituality including rings and various models. You will find beautiful original pieces in fashion and of different materials. Thus, you will have first of all the spiritual jewels with for main objective the protection. So by choosing to have them in the form of rings, they guarantee you a security, because it is the powerful symbol behind them.

Apart from their aesthetic and discreet side, these small rings will unconsciously bring you positive vibrations. In this case, opt for natural stones. It is a very popular style of material, it is used in medicine to cure certain ailments. There are several of them, and attached to your finger, they optimize your protection against evil spirits such as death, disease, accident, evil eye, negative thoughts … simply through contact with your skin.

It allows to keep you in peace

Moreover, having a spiritual ring will allow you to keep your head on your shoulders. Indeed, it is the case of the anti-stress rings which, being in direct and firm contact with your skin, will absorb all the bad thoughts and the stress which could want to invade you, to remain stored in your ring. Thus, you will feel light. You will be able to release your tensions without any problem via your ring in order to remain zen and in peace instead of getting angry at a third person. This style of ring is ideal to offer to your partner in order to maintain your couple in harmony and avoid the conflicts

Moreover, this jewel will allow you to regain confidence and adopt a positive attitude. For that, choose a model of ring which represents a symbol of your religion. It will make you feel confident, you will have the impression to walk with your master everywhere. Thus, you succeed in affirming your way of being, your values and what you believe in.

They will allow you to keep an eternal love

As you already know, the ring symbolizes union, love. So choose a symbol that amplifies this love. Whether it’s for yourself or for others. This is the case for the infinity which is very trendy at the moment and which represents a love without limits, without brake. Through this character, wearing it on your finger shows the great esteem you have for yourself and how much you value yourself. It will also keep your heart open.

Moreover, giving it to a loved one symbolizes an unconditional, boundless love that you have for the other. Because this ring with this sign carries a very strong message. It can be towards your mother, your friend or your companion.


As it has been demonstrated in the subject, you have understood that beyond their aesthetic side, spiritual rings also have very strong psychic characters, which positively influence the way of doing and being. Whether on a personal or social level.

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How to care for luxury shoes?

How to care for luxury shoes?

Maintaining a shoe is generally not an easy task. A luxury shoe is essentially made of natural and noble materials such as leather, which evolves over the years, becomes more beautiful as it ages and requires constant maintenance to resist the effects of time, otherwise the shoe could degrade and lose its beauty.

Globally in France, passionate experts offer maintenance solutions and are willing to share with you the best tips and advice of “perfectionists” to better understand the culture of the luxury shoe.

Tips and tricks for luxury shoe care

For a successful shoe care, there are some unconditions to respect. The center of the shoe recovers ambient moisture, eliminates wrinkles and keeps the shape of the shoe. The alternation, a shoe should not be worn 2 successive days, a maximum of 2 times / week is recommended. Regular waxing: leather is alive, it must be moisturized often to maintain its flexibility, its waterproofing and its life span. Waxing every time you wear it, i.e. an average of 2 to 3 times a month. A waxing the day before for a shine before wearing. Taking care of the soles: a neglected sole can lead to a loss of waterproofing and accelerate the aging of the shoe. Grease them with mink oil for flexibility and never put a skate on a new shoe.

If you feel like entrusting the maintenance to a third party, go to traditional shoemakers or bootmakers, the operations are carried out at competitive prices.

Maintenance tools and products

It is important to cream and clean your shoes before polishing, pay attention to the products, the size or type of brush, and always trust your bootmaker or shoemaker. As for a jewel, we will trust our jeweler.

We do not take as much care of our shoes for cultural and economic reasons. Many craftsmen have closed down or diversified their activities.

To perfect the maintenance of your shoes, there is one last step in addition to the one seen above: the ideal glazing, the art of polishing to perfection mastered by the initiated (mix of 80% shoe polish, 20% water and the right gesture).

According to the insiders, the glaze on black shoes is light, the other colors can be glazed more intensely for a mirror effect.

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How to choose a costume jewel for summer?

How to choose a costume jewel for summer?

When summer is near, the stores are very visited by many people looking for a good quality costume jewelry. This jewelry is very popular for its unique style and materials of manufacture. Costume jewelry is available in several models and you can wear them in any circumstance and with any clothes you like.

To highlight your beauty in summer, you must choose your jewelry well. There are several very important details to consider. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to make a choice that meets your preferences.

Take into account the colors

In general, when choosing your stainless steel jewelry or other jewelry, you must take into account several parameters. The color is the first detail to consider. You must consider the colors to have the elegance you are looking for. You should especially focus on the costume jewelry that has a color that can easily match that of your clothing.

This is the reason why you should not choose the color of your beauty accessory randomly. You should also choose your jewelry according to the other accessories you have in your wardrobe. You should favor discreet colors that do not strike the eye. By opting for these colors, the style will not be ruined and you the desired beauty.

Take into account the size

Size is an important detail that you should always consider when choosing your costume jewelry for summer. Not all women have the same taste. Some like to wear large jewelry and others like to wear small jewelry. Whatever the size of your accessories, you must be comfortable. Your accessory should not be too big or too small. You need to choose the perfect size that will fit you. Consider these small details if you want to have a particular style.

It is also important to note that when choosing your fashion items, you should consider the noise. The jewelry you choose should not make those around you uncomfortable by making too much noise. If your accessories make noise, every time you put them on, eyes will be on you. You should avoid this by choosing a simple and discreet set.

Consider your budget

You must choose your jewelry according to your financial means. Indeed, we advise you to put forward the jewelry that fits all budgets. These accessories sold at low prices are of very good quality. Their low cost should not make you believe that they are of poor quality. The different prices vary from one seller to another. Many stores sell them at reasonable prices.

This gives you the opportunity to choose the jewelry that suits your budget the most. To find stores that offer items at great prices, you need to search online. You can browse through the websites selling summer accessories. You will find the fancy accessory that reflects your personality.


Now you can choose your costume jewelry for summer. In this article, we have provided you with tips and tricks to consider when choosing your jewelry. It is easily accessible and you must have it in your wardrobe to give aesthetics to your clothes.

You will find this jewelry on sale in several sizes and designs. You can buy it without any fear as it is durable and easy to maintain.

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Tips for choosing the right UV hat

Tips for choosing the right UV hat

In summer, hats are designed to be comfortable in hot outdoor conditions. The material is lighter to provide sun protection and the brim is wider to protect the face. UV hats combine technology and style, and are the perfect vacation companion.

They offer strong UVA and UVB protection, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. UV hats can also protect the most vulnerable parts of the skin (face, neck and ears from redness). However, for the best protection, it is important to know how to choose your UV hat.

Choosing a certified UV protection hat that complies with standards

UV rays are particularly dangerous for the skin of young children. Sunburn causes a very uncomfortable burning sensation and, in severe cases, can lead to sunstroke. UV rays also accelerate the aging of the skin and promote the appearance of brown spots. It is also a major cause of skin cancer. It is therefore necessary and useful to protect yourself effectively with a hat adapted to high temperatures.

UV hats are made from fabrics that have been tested and certified to meet UV blocking standards. Their effectiveness is defined by the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). For children’s sun protection, choose a hat with a UPF 50+ rating. It blocks at least 98% of UVA and UVB rays. These UV hats for kids are available in bobble hats to protect the neck and ears, and in a variety of bright colors.

Consider size when choosing your UV hat

The UV hat should cover the entire head. Avoid choosing a hat with only a peak. Look for a real hat that covers the top of your head and all your hair. The scalp is vulnerable to sun damage, even if it is covered by hair.

UV hats should have a wide brim and go all the way around your head. Unlike caps, which have only a bill in front and offer little protection. Caps do not cover the ears, which are sensitive and prone to burns. However, even if you go out with a UV hat, apply sunscreen generously on and inside the ears, as well as on the front and back of the neck. For more complete coverage, use a wide-brimmed hat with a cape that covers the back of the neck.

Don’t overlook the fabric and color of the hat

The material of the hat should be a strong weave, like canvas, for best results. In fact, some fabrics offer UV protection. The effectiveness of UV protection fabrics is defined by the UPF rating, which ranges from 15 to 50+. Fabrics with a UPF of 50 block up to 98% of UV rays.

The higher the UPF, the better the hat’s UV protection. Therefore, you should avoid straw hats. Because of their many holes, the sun’s rays are too likely to reach the skin. Denim, in particular, has a high sun protection factor. However, the looser the mesh, the less effective the protection. When it comes to colors, you should know that navy blue, black and brown offer better UV protection than lighter colors.


UV hats are a great way to protect the heads of all family members. When choosing the right hat, there are several criteria to consider, including protection rating, size and fabric. UV hats are made of specific fabrics to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. The high SPF ensures better absorption of UV rays and helps prevent heat stroke.


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